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Leopards that inhabit the territory of Azerbaijan usually have nightlife. They hunt at dusk, the first half of night and early in the morning. When it’s rainy and cold, they chase the prey even in the daylight. Leopard is very wary and lives in the hide. Although this predator is cautious, it is not cowardly. When they see a human, they show no fear. Usually, it tries to hide and never attack the first. Encountering humans, the leopard moves back slowly and does not rush away even in case of a shooting. Some leopards become aggressive when they confront humans and get wounded. In the 1980s only 8 attacks in the West Kopetdag (Turkmenistan) and 4 attacks in the Talish mountains and Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan) occurred and all these incidents were caused by humans. Each animal has its individual habitat. In West Kopetdag it is 40000-50000 ha for male species and 15000-20000 ha for females. In the male leopard’s habitat, 2-3 female species can live.

In most cases, leopards walk through the foothills of the mountains and at the bottom of the ravines. Younger individuals, older men, and teeth have a barefoot lifestyle. The leopard family consists of an older tooth and 2-4 children. When the children are 1-1.5 years old, the leopard family is disintegrating.

Bəbir He takes his steps lightly and silently. The fact that they have a thick feather pillow on their paws and push their fingers in place as they move makes them silent. As you follow the prawns, the leopards sometimes run slower, sometimes at 5 km per hour, sometimes four feet, and then completely reduce their speed. It slows its head as it moves slowly, while the lower body is shaken. He often stops and looks around. His hearing and vision are very powerful. Good nights also allow him to escape freely in the dark, to jump, and to hunt successfully. At night, as in the daytime, it behaves with caution, does not go outdoors, and is covered in shade of trees and stones.

The smell of leopard is poorly developed. The first toy of leopards is the white tip of their tail. The children work for hours to catch it. The act of the tail plays a special role in the interactions of predators. It is possible to speak about the animal's behavior by these actions. The movement of the tail quietly to the side indicates that the animal is excited and ready to jump. Leopard is a clean animal and tigerin contrast, they often bury their feces.


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