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Leopard’s food chain includes 25 species of animals, however, it mainly comprises of 2-3 species of medium-sized cloven-footed animals depending on their population size. Leopard prefers medium-sized and large animals over other species. Hunting for mountain goat, sheep, wild ox, deer and similar cloven-footed animals in the Caucasus confirms this. Western Caucasus Mountains attract leopard mainly because of mountain goats, wild oxen and deer that live in mountainous areas and wild pigs and antelope that inhabit foothills. Greater Caucasus is a favorable habitat for leopards due to the presence of mountain goats and wild oxen in the eastern slope and goats and partly mouflons in the Araz river valley. On the slopes of the Talish mountain range and in the Lankaran lowlands, leopards feed on wild pigs, especially their cubs and young species. Nakhchivan bezoar goats and mouflons represent the main prey of leopards there.

          In many areas inhabited by wild cloven-footed animals, leopards do not attack domestic animals. They usually live in remote areas but sometimes approach populated places entering villages and taking various domestic animals as well as dogs. Such incidents mostly occur in the South Caucasus habitat of leopards. Due to human hunting on mountain goats and sheep, their number reduced. Therefore, the leopards have to feed on porcupine and in many cases, domestic animals. During hunting on porcupine leopards often get injured themselves.

     Leopard attacks foxes, jackals, wolves, badgers, small cats, rodents, and birds (partridges). This helps it survive in the areas with a small population of cloven-footed animals.


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