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The color of the treasure and the structure of the points
Interesting informations

The fat of the leopard is short and dense. Yellow or yellow-brow black and brown points scattered in the fur are characteristic of leopards. Points are whole and in the form of a circular figure. Circular points of 5-6 cm in size The middle is darker than the overall color of the treasure. The black rings are sometimes full however, it is usually due to the grouping of individual points with the number ranging from 2-5 composed of The leopard's treasure has no vertical stripes, but sometimes the waistline separate points are combined to form shorter strips. Form and location of points of each leopard The feature is different. The background colors of the treasure are due to the individual and geographical environment changeable as well as varying according to the seasons. The color of the animal's treasure is from the waist to the sides it gradually opens towards the abdomen. Neck, lower part of chest, abdomen, feet the inside and the tail are white. The tail looks thin because it is less hairy. Body The average length of the treasure is 2-2.5 cm in the paws and 5-6 cm in the abdomen knows.

Rare in nature in some cases black leopards are also found. Black leopards are called melanis, called black pigmented leopards. Black skin of the skin is monogenetic melanis leopards from her parents with spleen can come into the world. So, in the leopards with darker genes are relentless. When these recessive genes from both parents come together It is likely to be black (according to probability). Of course it is Black leopards are also rarely encountered because the probability is not very high. Points specific to leopards are also present in individuals with black fur. But it's too dark is not noticeable.

Every thigh, like a human fingerprint The form of points is different. To these researchers to identify them lets you. The spotted color of the blossom leaves herbs, bushes and tree leaves is invisible between. In short, it helps them hide in natural conditions.


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